Keys of Creation

Special Access

Each key gifts the player the ability to access unique item vaults every battle royale season

Keys & Item Vaults

Each season that releases will have a series of limited editions vaults that correspond to each key of creation. A vault can only be claimed once per season. Each vault contains a variety of extreme rare game items & cosmetics.

Keys of Creation are a gift given to players from the developers for their dedication to the world and can be obtained by participating in key events & completing the challenge. The amount of keys in the world are limited with rarity varying from key to key.

Key Keeper

What is a key of creation? A key of creation is a extremely rare game item that gives the player the power to access limited edition seasonal vaults.

Key Events

What is a key event? Key events are events that reward players with a key of creation. The event activities can range from item collection quests to PvP tournaments.

Item Vaults

What is a item vault? Item Vaults are seasonal loot crates that can only be opened with the correct key of creation. The items inside the crate correspond to the season theme and key rarity.