Game Modes

MMO-RPG & Battle Royale

There is two core game modes that players can experience; Battle royale and Free roam

Battle Royale

Last Person Standing

Battle Royale is a intense last person standing game mode that consists of solo or team gameplay. The goal is for the player or their team to be the last people standing out of 100 who had jumped with them, while evading a malicious storm. Players can unlock resources and skins useable in free-roam as well.

Free-Roam MMORPG

Open-World RolePlaying Experience

Free-Roam is a much bigger map with RPG-style mechanics allowing players to obtain personal housing & vehicles and complete quests or world missions with friends. Overall character HUD and controls are different for free-roam. Using the game portal players can passively manage their crafting professions, missions and meet up with friends for a quick metaverse experience.