Battle Royale & VR-Ready MMORPG
Powered by UE5 & Solana
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Vivaion is a next-generation battle royale & open-world MMORPG. Players can explore, fight, craft, level up & collect rare items scattered across the universe of Vivaion. Vivaion is built using Unreal Engine 5 with cross-platform compatibility to scale to the skies!


Vivaion's massive world can be explored and conquered in free-roam with friends or for a quick burst of adrenaline players can halo jump into action in battle royale mode. We offer a VR mode for free-roam as well giving players a high-end metaverse experience.

What is Vivaion?

Vivaion is a Universal Cross-Platform Battle Royale & Open-World MMORPG! Engineered and developed utilizing Unreal Engine 5.
Vivaion is the name of the universe players live in and consists of multiple worlds and space exploration. Within Vivaion, players can explore, group up, socialize, and slay the creatures of the Oasis together. With the integration of Solana, Vivaion can have a real-world economy influenced entirely by the player base.

Game Portal

With the game portal app players can manage their research & crafting table, house, missions, and inventory from anywhere.


Tournaments will be hosted every season in the battle royale mode where players can fight to climb the leaderboard and earn cash prizes.

Virtual Estates

Residential and commercial estates are available to players to purchase on our marketplace for exclusive benefits!

Real-World Economy

Our dual-realm game structure allows us to build a real world economy completely driven by players all hosted on the Solana Blockchain.

Solara Bridge

The Solara bridge gives players the ability to bring their vivaion game assets to solana blockchain where they can access auction style marketplaces.