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Vivaion is a next-generation open-world MMORPG utilizing the Solana blockchain, Players can explore & collect item NFTs scattered across the universe of Vivaion. Vivaion is built using Unreal Engine 4 with cross-platform availability to scale to the skies!


At Vivaion, we provide an authentic gaming experience where players can come in at any time of the day and collect NFTs!
Within Vivaion, we have something for everyone! From racing around the track to sitting by the lake waiting for your next big bite, even if you want to jam out with friends with your very own boombox! So if you are an adrenaline fiend or wish to sit back peacefully and enjoy the day. You will find the perfect place in Vivaion to do just that.
Thanks to the advancement of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We can give you the player the power to own your very own piece of the game and alter the storyline within Vivaion. In every way possible, players will be able to hold pieces of land, cars and customize their character, all while receiving a variety of buffs from each item! We, as developers, have opened the book and want you, the players, to write the story.

What is Vivaion?

The Vivaion is a Cross-Platform, VR-Ready Play-To-Collect Open-World MMORPG! Engineered and developed utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 powered by the Solana network.
Vivaion is the name of the universe players will live in and consists of multiple worlds and space exploration. Within Vivaion, players can purchase land, play games, socialize, and more. With the integration of the Solana blockchain, Vivaion can have a booming NFT economy influenced entirely by the player base. With Solana, every player can own assets within the game and create a much broader effect on the development within Vivaion by manufacturing NFTs through crafting and charging.

SOL NFT collectible


Every character in Vivaion is unique and can only be minted once. Specific clothes & Items have limited supply across the metaverse generating a rarity score for each character. Along with enhanced stats & buffs to give each character a purpose in-game and outside of the game.

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SOL NFT collectible


The Vivaion universe is massive and will require some sort of transportation to get from one city to another to access different events, stores, and P2C systems. The vehicles in Vivaion will range from classic cars to futuristic hover crafts to help aid in the travel across the universe. For players who dont have the luxury of a car they can wait for the city bus to get transported to other cities.

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SOL NFT Collectible


Almost all the buildings and land in Vivaion is for sale to help populate the world with a unique touch of player creation. All property in Vivaion have NFT production capabilties and special buffs that boost the players equipment sets.

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SOL NFT Collectible

Collectible Items

All over Vivaion is hidden treasure and collectible NFTs! By staying active in-game or by completing quests players can earn NFTs for their time spent in Vivaion. Players can compete in e-sports events to collect powerful NFTs!

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Play To Collect

Play-for-Free and Collect NFTs scattered across Vivaion!

Land Ownership

Land across Vivaion is for sale on our online marketplace. Land owners can utilize the land for superior buffs and advertising power

Play To Earn NFTs

Powerful deflationary protocols keep the economy in check and allow players to earn NFTs from in-game events!


Enter Vivaion with an exclusive NFT car to explore the metaverse at your own speed!


Characters and Items are based on NFTs collected in your Solana wallet.